Message from TRA President.
Owner, Davy Jones
Founder, 420 Voters Party.

David Jones, President (l) Dr. Martin Brotman, MD (r)

I am proud to announce that the SF Tenant Rights Association, a recognized grassroots organization, protecting the rights of tenants for over 15 years, teamed up with the 420 Voters Party, (, to spearhead the: "Vote Yes on C" campaign in advance of the SF Consolidated Municipal election, November 05, 2019.

We are saying - loudly and unmistakably - that it is time to stop the access and sale of flavor e-cigarette vape products and restrict the marketing of these vape products to those underage. Our campaign will be spending resources strategically to make sure we get the message out to voters. Our texting program will be reaching out to over 100,000 cannabis users. Davy Jones Enterprise will contact 15,000 members and I will encourage other SF dispensaries such as Sasha, owner, Medithrive, with a customer membership of 20,000 to join the campaign.

Here's what we are going to do for the next two months: (1) texting. (2) canvassing. (3) designing flyers. (4) building working strategies. (6) mobilizing massive GOTV efforts. (7) aggressive tv and digital ad buys.

To be successful in this endeavor, it would take a strong and dedicated grassroots organization like SF Tenant Rights Association. We are going to be smart and leverage the unique assets we have at our disposal that means YOU. Your donation will help us hit our goals and we can text, call, canvass and mobilize every single voter. Seize this moment right now and donate to Tenant Rights Association PAC, to turn out these voters to help us fight back a hugh counter anti C activists. Make your donation to: Tenant Rights Association PAC, 2517 Mission Street, Suite 7, San Francisco, CA. 94110.

Thanks for being on our team. We couldn't be more grateful.

David Jones, President.


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